Do these things really matter in Life?

There are many things really matter in life like the English language, reality shows, wedding ceremonies, cricket, and many more that the world finds nothing special or curious about which are given special importance in India.

Speaking English Language

English Language
We encounter English everywhere in our daily life. The English language is given more importance in India than anywhere else in the world. A person who cannot speak English is considered rustic. The English language is widely used in daily life with friends, offices, or almost everywhere.

Skin whiteness really matters in life

The Indian community has forgotten about whitening so much that by taking advantage of this fact, some famous companies earn thousands of crores of rupees every year by making whitening creams, powders, and tablets. But we forget that no matter how many creams and powders we use, our original color does not change. Creams and powders Children’s skin is a temporary change for a few hours and returns to its original color after a certain period of time.

Reality shows on Television

Reality shows are always running on various television channels. Everything is scripted. Actors and television channels earn huge amounts of money from it. We Indians understand all this as truth. So it is a great misfortune that the real actors remain behind the scenes.

Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony
Nowadays the wedding ceremony has become a matter of prestige In the wedding ceremony everyone tries to show how much wealth and money they have Anna Thai No one tries to avoid expenses If you don’t have money everyone takes out loans and sells land how will everyone celebrate the wedding ceremony in a big way This is being closely watched. The biggest way to show big youthful prestige Some boys find fathers of daughters more important than the well aha of a girl who has spent 25 years.

Degree in Engineering

80% of fathers of children think that their son should become rich by getting an engineering degree rather than becoming a famous sportsman, or a patriot in social service. Why doesn’t anyone turn to that field even though there are opportunities in many different fields that are better than engineering, even though the environment is very favorable for engineering, there are many good-paying jobs available in other fields but they don’t reach us or we don’t try to know about them. Is it a sin to work in other fields?

Cricket Games in India

Cricket really matter in Life
In India, cricket is not a sport but is worshiped as a religion. Hockey is an Indian sport and no one pays attention to that sport. The main reason for this is, firstly, everyone has a different idea about hockey now, money is very less in hockey, so no one is looking at the field of hockey right now. Millions of bets are made. Many other sports in India are in demand in the world. In India, only cricket has reached the side.

Really Gold matters in Life

Some people say that gold smoke was coming out in India in the past, and the demand for gold is more in India than in other countries of the world. Indian women and men have taken an oath to get the gold everyone in the world is tired of. That gold is also stolen in India, what a great misfortune. Although gold can kill us or kill us, people wear gold on their bodies and flaunt it around.

What Will People Say?

Before making any decision, everyone thinks more about what people will say than whether their decision is right or wrong. No matter how good you act, how good you are, people keep on naming them. If you do this, what will people say, if you eat, what will people say, if you wear clothes, what will people say, oh what is going on, if you follow what people say, you will say fools, you will say suicide, but this is what people think, what will people say, I only say half.

Board Examination

Board exams have such commonplace in our educational life here, board exams are always feared by students. The board exam is given importance in India which is not given so much importance anywhere in the world, many children are afraid of board exams in general that they don’t even appear for the exam.

Foreign Brands

We have many such products available here with good quality and durable and low price but we don’t buy those products and rather expensive low quality and non-durable products from foreign companies. As it is. Actually, we should buy these products which are made in India but we don’t do that, people tend to use foreign brand products because of the fear that if we use Indian products, we will lose our place in society. Things thrown away in the waste in the region are bought in India for lakhs of rupees. The same foods that feed animals in the region are sometimes consumed in the name of humans in India.

What a Misfortune!!

India’s history has set an example in the world and it is a great tragedy that the people of India do not understand the same history.

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